Welcome, brothers. This is Baphometropolis, and if you're here than I assume you're not going to need any further explanation about what that name entails. I'm hoping that this site will serve as a wealth of resources for those who are interested in what exactly it is that we're doing here, on this site. It's an unfortunate fact that ignorance on these subjects and their multitude of sub-subjects is widespread across the subterranean regions of planet, subjecting us Enlightened Ones to be subjects of the subjective horrors of qualitative deformation of the spectral-imaging sensitive regions in one's middle and outer mind and consciousness. That's why I'm here, to finally clear up all of the misconceptions surrounding what it is that we do. Oh, so many misconceptions, it's truly sickening if I could put it so bluntly. I'm not going to waste any more of my breath explaining things that you already know, however.